Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Sun has set in the West - Thanks to Kyrie

Well, the game against the Phoenix Suns was a roller coaster of a game. It was a game of High's and Low's. Essentially, the first three and a half quarters were all low's, shooting eighteen and twenty percent in the first half collectively, being down some 22-points until something clicked in the fourth quarter with about 3-minutes left in the final frame.

Kyrie Irving's line was rather impressive 39-points, 7-rebounds and 6-assists over 43-minutes. However, his most impressive stat might have been his smallest number, 6-assists. Three of them in particular and two of them within the last 10-seconds of the game.

In the fury of Kyrie putting the team on his back, he made all the right decisions. In the fourth, with less than 10-seconds in the game, drove to the hoop and dumped it off to Jaylen Brown to get the team within one. Then again, with less than 3-seconds, recognizing the double team, passed to the wide open Marcus Morris, who scored the tying trey, leaving a measly 00.3 left of the clock all but insuring another 5-minutes of ball.

Kyrie was still not done. In overtime, with the game tied at 106, passed out of the double team to Al Horford, who scored the go ahead three.

Thoughts going forward

I am not worried about the Celtics, despite some people's lamenting their 7-5 record. I do think they are talented and definitely deep enough despite some inconsistent play by both the first and second teams.

Gordon Hayward

Once Gordon Hayward stops thinking, he will become an undeniable force. Anyone who has ever played a sport and had an injury, knows there will be that time where he just goes to the rim without any thought of his ankle, makes the play and realizes, "Hey, that didn't hurt. I'm back!"

He has been hesitant on anything to the rim, which I believe limits the options for the Celtics offensively. This isn't a knock, just a realization.

Free Throws, Field Goals and Turnovers

It is not a coincidence the Celtics are 7-5. They are 28th in Free Throw Attempts, 29th in Field Goal Percentage and 5th in the league in turnovers.

Once again, like last year, they are not taking advantage of being in the bonus or pushing the issue by driving more to the rim settling for too many jumpers. Yes, I am aware we live by the three as evident by being 4th in the league with 447 attempts through twelve games, but there are times where we become jump shot happy. Not only could we help ourselves at the charity stripe - we need the practice but maybe it will help our offensive rhythm.

Switch Happy

We need to find a way to NOT switch on everything. Their was a play, most notably in the Suns game where Aron Baynes switched out to a perimeter player leaving Irving and I believe Semi Ojeyele on DeAndre Ayton. Yes, our defensive efficiency is leading the league but we can only comeback from so many deficits.

I understand when switching can be useful but I think we over use the tactic through the first 12 games.


What's your thought of Baynes and the headband look? I could only think of Bill Walton from the 70's.


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