Saturday, October 21, 2017

Insult and Injury

The worst part for fans (or me, at least) about the gut wrenching Gordon Hayward injury is that we've all been there before. An injury at the start of the season that changes the entire outlook of the year.

The first one I remember is the Nomar Garciaparra wrist injury during spring training in 2001. That was supposed to be the Red Sox year. They had the best pitcher in the history of baseball. Nomar was the two-time defending batting champ, and the Sox added Manny Ramirez, the best power hitter out there, during the offseason. This was going to be the year they finally won! Then, a single injury crushed the season.

Same thing happened to the Patriots in 2008. They were coming off an undefeated regular season, and had some unfinished business to take care of. That was looking to be a pretty special season. But, then Tom Brady was lost for the season during the first series of the year, and everything changed. Suddenly they weren't battling for a perfect season, they were battling for a playoff spot. A battle they eventually lost.

Incredibly, it happened again to the Patriots this very season. They  were once again starting a season with talks of perfection in the air. This team was loaded and ready to do something special. Then, Julian Edelman went down during training camp. Out for the season. Suddenly, something very special turned into something very good. Sure, they're still probably favored to with the title. But, this was going to be historically good. And now it's not.

So, maybe it's the back to back that makes the Hayward injury sting so much. Maybe it's the fact that the season was altered once again for a Boston team. Suddenly a team the had a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals as a base expectation with a decent shot at the finals lowers that bar a bit. Making the ECF is suddenly a little trickier. Advancing to the finals would be pretty long odds. The whole character of the team has changed. Before it really even got started. I can't help but feel cheated. Like I missed the opportunity to have a very special season. I feel like I missed a golden opportunity.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

So, That's what Assets are for!

I think some Boston Celtics fans were beginning to forget.

Danny Ainge finally used some of those coveted assets to acquire a true superstar. It made the Celtics a pretty formidable team this season, and beyond.

Yes, the Celtics gave up a lot to get him. But, if you want something you need to give up something. So, in order to get a top point guard, the celtics had to give up Isaiah Thomas, a less talented point guard, a serviceable forward in Jae Crowder, and the Brooklyn pick. 

Yeah. I said it was a lot.

But, they didn't have to part with the two youngest stars, in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. So, they kept some assets, and traded some others.

Because, at some point you need to make a choice. To fish, or cut bait.

There's a limit on how much talent one team can have. After all, you only get the twelve players every game. Only five in the starting line-up. At some point, having five small forwards stops making sense. At some point winning now becomes more important than potentially winning later.

So, the Celtics went with the known. They know what type of player Irving is. They know who Brown and Tatum are. They don't know what will happen with Thomas. They don't know what that Brooklyn pick will bring.

They know this gives them a damn good team. 

Keeping all the assets doesn't do that.

Good move.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Celtics Make Gordon Hayward Official!

I have no idea what took so long. But, it didn't really matter. Once Hayward put out that website post, he wasn't going to change his mind. It was just a matter of putting ink to paper....if that's what they were waiting for.

Now that he's here, what does that mean for the team? Wow is that hard to say.

No, Hayward is not a franchise changing type player. He's not Kevin Durant. But, he's a key piece to any team. How key really depends on the team.

One thing that was always so impressive about the most recent Big Three is that they all complimented each other so well. If Ainge had brought in, say, Kobe Bryant instead I'm not sure how well it would have worked. He and Pierce would be very similar players. Slashing 2/3s who can create their own shot and handle the ball. I'm not sure there would have been enough balls to satisfy each of them. That wasn't the case when he added KG and Allen. Allen was a pure shooter. He could come off a pick and nail a three. He could take a kick out and nail a three. He wasn't driving the lane right next to Pierce. He was waiting to bail him out. It was the perfect compliment. Then, there was KG. He had practically no interest in scoring. He was happy to simply rebound, and get it back out to the other two. He was there for the defense. He was one of the best, waiting there for people who got by Pierce and Allen. It really couldn't have been drawn up any better.

So, how will this new Celtics team work? Probably pretty well. I'm not sure the Celtics have a player exactly like Hayward. He can help spread the floor. He can make a shot. He can create a shot. He'll stop other teams from double teaming IT. He'll give Horford more room. It'll be interesting to see how it all works together.

Unlike baseball, for instance, a basketball team really does play off each other. You can't double team everyone. Having that additional option is something that can't be directly measured on paper. It's the sort of addition that makes everyone else on the court better. Another player that teams need to respect. No more leaving Marcus Smart open and daring him to beat you. The Celtics have another weapon. He can beat you. He can make the team better.

How much better remains to be seen. We probably won't know until after a few actual games, when the back and forth shows up. When they all play off each other. When the floor gets spread out. When people get there shots. 

I can't wait to see it in action.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What's Danny Thinking?

Oh, I have absolutely no idea. But, here's the other part. Unless you're actually Danny Ainge (Hi Danny!) you have absolutely no idea either.

Sure, we were all pretty excited when the Celtics won the lottery for the number one pick. Finally we could get whichever star we wanted! I think we all convinced ourselves that there was one franchise player, and the Celtics were now in line to land him. The Celts were back on top! But, here's the deal. There's not always a franchise altering player available in the draft. Sometimes there's more than one. Just because you have the chance to get the best player means you're getting a hall of famer. Or, even that you're getting the best player. 

And sometimes getting the player your want does not mean you make the first selection in the draft.

Any number of things could be running through Danny's mind. Trading the number one pick away could be a first step. Collecting assets as a way to make another bigger move. There have certainly been several of those floated about in the last couple days. So many, in fact, that's I'm a little concerned that there will be a trade before I finish writing this. So, yes, Danny could package a boatload of picks and completely revamp the team.

Or, maybe he wants the number three pick. He said that he was thinking he could get the same player at three that he would take at one. If that's true, and not pre-draft misdirection, making a trade is the easiest call ever. If he thinks its worth rolling the dice and assuming two other teams won't take your guy, adding an additional pics while losing nothing is a no-brainer. Or, if Danny has a three way tie at the top in his mind. If he'd be happy with whichever player falls into his lap at three, again it's free money.

Which is where I personally think he falls. I think he's telling the truth when he says he'll draft a player he wants at three. Mostly because, otherwise, why make the deal so soon? If he was literally looking to add a boatload of assets, could he do better than two first round picks for his number one? Why not wait and see? So, I'm guessing he realized he needed to trade with either LA or Philly. He needed a top three pick. Or maybe top four. So, once you've limited yourself like that, it's harder to get the larger offers. 

So, he did the best he could collecting free money. Took the extra first rounder and will go home happy.

Unless he does something completely different.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Does David Ortiz like Isaiah Thomas?

I know. I'm guessing the answer is, "David Ortiz loves everyone!"

But, I'm asking because I'm always fascinated by celebrity relationships. The fact that a Red Sox player can call a free agent to recruit him to the team. Where does he get his number? How did Nomar get in touch with a Bruins player to discuss wrist surgery? They all seem to be one big happy family.

Which brings me to Ortiz and Isaiah.

You may remember that when David Ortiz retired, the Red Sox had several ceremonies for him. One of them included athletes from the other Boston sports teams. All the major sports teams sent representatives, and they all streamed out of the centerfield door to come congratulate Ortiz on his amazing career. As the entire Celtics team made their way through the receiving line, IT thrust a jersey at Ortiz, and Papi signed it for him. Right there on the field. In the middle of the ceremony. It struck me. Was that the only way IT could get a Papi autograph? Ambushing him on the field like a fan might do? He couldn't just go to the locker room before the game and ask for one? Doesn't he have any celebrity pull?

After all, not long after that we all saw LeGarrette Blount sitting courtside at a Celtics game. After the game, he just walked onto the court to congratulate Thomas on a great game. If Blount wanted an autograph, I bet he would have gotten it then. He had the celebrity cache. 

Then, just a week or two ago cameras caught Thomas on the sidelines before a Patriots game. He was sporting a Tom Brady jersey. On the back of the jersey, was a nice clean Tom Brady autograph. Clearly he got that before the game, and not on the field during a ceremony. So, Thomas was able to quietly go up to Brady for an autograph. You'd think if you can get to Brady, you can get to Ortiz. Did Thomas have to use Blount to get to Brady? Was the autograph a payoff to Thomas for helping with some scheme? Is everyone just nice to Thomas? Everyone but Ortiz? Is that odd to anyone else?

Why did Thomas have to ambush Ortiz?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Joshua Berube Visits Section 36

Section 36 Celtics has its very first visitor! You may remember Joshua Berube from his excellent first visit to discuss the Red Sox over on Section 36. Since then, he's branched out on his own. You can see his writings on the Celtics at Everything Celtics. With the Celtics starting their season tonight, I thought it would be nice to have him visit to discuss the team and their upcoming season. So, without wasting any more time, let's see what happens when Joshua Berube visits Section 36!

What does the Al Horford signing mean for the Celtics?
The signing of Al Horford for the Celtics was big in a number of ways. What does it mean for the Celtics? It means that Celtics have upgraded their post play, defense (believe it or not, knowing they were 4th last year in defensive rating) and offense. They finally have a legitimate center and low post presence with the addition of the 4-time All-star. He is excellent in the pick and roll, makes smart decisions with the ball and is consistent. I have been especially impressed with how quickly he has assimilated to the Celtics system. It has been as he has been here for years.

Here at Section 36, we’re big fans of Marcus Smart. What will we see out of him this season?
Marcus Smart has been appropriately named the bulldog. He isn't afraid of contact and has one speed, all out. I am a little worried that he rolled his ankle in the last pre-season game. With Olynyk just recently cleared the other day for full contact in practice, that is 2/5th's of the second team unavailable for the first week at least. I definitely foresee improvement out of Marcus starting only his third year in the NBA. He definitely needs to improve on his woeful 3-point shooting from last year’s 25.3% preventing him from being one-dimensional offensively. I would also like to see less flopping from Marcus. As of a matter fact, I think it takes away from his game and could hurt him late in the game from getting a call. Here's an example: 
However, I am excited to see more of the three-headed monster on the defensive end with Smart, Bradley and Crowder this year. 

How will the 16-17 season end for the Celtics?
Last year, I picked the Celtics to win 50 games and had them finishing third in the Eastern Conference. This year Vegas have them with the fifth best odds of winning Banner 18. I am in line with the Celtics finishing 2nd in the Eastern Conference, winning 52 games this season. 

Will the Celtics be a defensive or offensive team this season?
I believe the Celtics will be the most balanced they have been in 6 years. However, defense will be their calling card but their offense not necessarily predicated by defense. Al Horford will give them post play they have severely been lacking, enhancing the in/out game they love to play.

As a fan, which will be the “can’t miss” game of the season?
Can't miss game: Friday, November 18th, against the Golden State Warriors in Boston. Not only did the Celtics have two fantastic games against the Warriors, a 2-OT thriller in Boston, which ended in a loss but also a huge win in Golden State in April, where it got distinction of: One of “The five teams that 'really' beat the Golden State Warriors.” In addition, the Celtics courted Kevin Durant hard this off-season only to lose out to, you guessed it, the Warriors. Jae Crowder was not impressed with Durant's choice, calling it a slap in the face. I just believe the atmosphere is going to be electric.

Which player is poised to make the jump this season?
I am super intrigued in what Jaylen Brown, the Celtics 1st and 3rd Overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft does. I think he is going to be a special player. However, I think the player poised to make the jump this year is Terry Rozier. When the Celtics lost Evan Turner to free agency to the Portland Trail Blazers, I watched all summer for them to fill that void of a dependable ball handler for the 2nd unit and nothing really materialized. I think Rozier has a chance to be that guy and gain huge minutes and a lot more responsibility.

Does Isaiah Thomas make the all-star team this season?
As you may know, I have been hard on Isaiah ever since he has come to the Celtics and I did not believe he was an All-Star last year. While I think his ceiling is high, he has a lot of deficiencies in his game, specifically defense and the propensity to always drive to the left. However, we all know the All-star game is not about having a complete game and its more about showmanship. I do believe he will make it as a reserve. 

Let's bring home Banner 18!


I can get behind that! 

As always, a huge thank you to Joshua for answering some questions for us. It's always great to hear other people's views, and Joshua did a great job giving his. 

If you want to hear more of what Joshua has to say, check out his writing at Everything Celtics. And, of course, give him a follow on Twitter for even more great insight.

Thanks again Joshua!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Red and Me - By Bill Russell with Alan Sternberg

Bill Russell is the greatest champion in the history of Sports. Red Auerbach is the greatest coach in NBA history. The two of them came together to form one of the most dominant dynasties the sporting world has ever seen. Along the way, they formed a legendary friendship that went beyond coach and player, or GM and coach. This book dives into that relationship as seen through the eyes of Russell.

This was an interesting read, because it's not really a sports book. Russell and Auerbach could well have been accountants, and the stories this book told would still ring true. This book is more suited for the "self-help" or "relationships" section of the bookstore. At times, I found that jarring, and wished it would go back to the biography of Russell. But, that wasn't fair to the book. That wasn't the point of writing it. Once I reminded myself of that, I was able to really enjoy the lessons the book was trying to teach me about friendship and how to stay an individual. Oh, sure, like any book written by an athlete, you can tell this book was written by an athlete. But, that was part of its charm. If some professor of philosophy wrote this book, the tales would ring more hollow. As it was, it was a great book about what one man thought it meant to be a friend. It was well worth the read. 

Rating: 3 Quarters

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